Helena Byström is an artist who uses photography, film, light as well as installation, sound and space as her means. She chronicles perceptions, emotions and event from her own personal journey through life.

She choreographs the movements of a body in space with its emotions, senses and memories and puts it in a defined form and records it with a camera.
She edits format, frame and pace and incorporates sound whether audible or mute. She finds the right rhythm and time of the composition. An event captured in time which gives the viewer a bodily experience felt through transcending the visual. The colours often reduced to black and white.

Helena Byström searches with her camera, looking for the safe and secure, known and restful and the vulnerable. She lets us see the unsuspected and the fragile in the everyday life as in an imagination or a mirage.


The sculptor Louise Bourgeoise once said:
“Content is a concern with the human body, its aspect, its changes, transformations, what it needs, wants or feels – its functions. What it perceives and undergoes passively, what it performs. What it feels and what protects it – its habitat.
All these states of being, perceiving and doing are expressed by processes that are familiar to us and that have to do with the treatment of materials, pouring , flowing, dripping, oozing out, setting, hardening, coagulating, thawing, expanding, contracting, and the voluntary aspects such as slipping away, advancing, collecting , letting go.” 

Monica Nieckels


Helena Byström använder foto, film, ljus liksom installation, ljud och rum som sina uttrycksmedel.  Materialet i hennes berättelser är vardagens händelser under livets gång. I sina bilder koreograferar hon kroppars rörelser och får dem att uttrycka sinnesstämningar, känslor och minnen i kamerans flöde. Hon skapar sin komposition, ofta i svart–vitt, med tiden som bas och fångar en händelse som kan anas i våra egna kroppars minnesbank. Hon använder format, takt och rytm för att förstärka ljudet eller tystnaden.

Helena Byström söker med sin kamera efter det trygga och igenkännbara, vilsamma och sårbara. Hon låter oss se det oanade och sköra i vardagen och får det att inför våra ögon  träda fram som i en hägring.

Monica Nieckels


Helena Byström was a co-founding member of  Raketa during  2000 – 2008.

Raketa: an experimental platform in the arts for dialogue and  interdisciplinary, collaborative projects and experiments within art, design, architecture and digital media.