Västra Balkan

The Use of Art Where it's Hard to Talk


A project selected under the IPA call "Support to Partnership Actions between

Cultural organisations", European Union, DG Enlargement 2011-2012. 

Folkrörelsernas Konstfrämjande was a partner in the project and worked

with cultural and social organisations in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

The Refraction Association which operates with the prison service in Albania

was the project owner. Lott Alfreds, Charlotte Aberg, Pontus Lindvall

and I conducted participatory art workshops in Albania, Kosovo and

Macedonia. At the "Clothes workshop", all participants had clothing with

Albania project  

them that they told stories about. After the story-telling, the clothes

were transformed and joined together in sculptures, which the participants

later presented. In the "Social sculpture", everyone gradually began

to pick out items from one another's clothing for the sculptures, for greater

benefit and conversation.

Clothes have in all times been a sign for class, gender and group belonging.

They are a part of ones identity and show the persona of the individual.

Old clothing still remains as a part of a memory, and it might still tell a story

of the past. By working with clothes we hope to receive different stories

and memories connected with the objects. The workshop is an example of how

we can use art in order to make people talk more freely and reach unpredictable results.” 
This action was financed by The European Union and the Swedish Institute.